Short-term Rental Platforms

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Short-term Rental Platforms

Short-term rental innovators are transforming travel for millions around the globe throughtheir innovative platforms that connect travelers with local property owners. Short-term rentals have been available across the nation for decades, but these platforms have aided in a dramatic increase in popularity, improving accessibility to affordable accommodations options.

Today, Travel Tech short-term rental platforms host over 9 million listings around the globe, for everything from beach houses, city apartments, and cabins in the mountains to less traditional accommodations like tree-houses, extra bedrooms, or garage apartments.  Not only do short-term rentals provide travelers with authentic experiences, but owners, operators, and hosts act as ambassadors to the local community – sending new foot traffic to local small businesses and attractions.  Multiple studies have shown that short-term rental guests stay longer and spend more than those staying in a hotel and that spending spreads throughout the community rather than sticking to the hotel districts. 

In addition to diversifying available travel experiences, short-term rental platforms provide property owners with a new source of valuable extra income.  That income is used to pay the mortgage, save for retirement, fund household improvements, or pay for college. 

The sharing economy is here to stay.  It is critical for governments to create reasonable, efficient frameworks that ensure short-term rentals continue to thrive, for everyone’s benefit.

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