Travel Tech’s members created, and now maintain the travel marketplace and have changed the way people shop for, and book travel. Below are some examples of how Travel Tech’s members are developing the next generation of travel technology.
Travelport Innovation

Travelport is innovating travel tech for the future. From cloud and artificial intelligence to blockchain, Travelport is reimagining travel technology.

Amadeus Innovation

Amadeus is developing the next generation of technology for tailored end-to-end experiences for travelers, agents and suppliers. operates in over 220 countries in 43 languages and are developing technologies to meet the needs of travelers and suppliers at this massive scale.


Expedia Labs focuses on experimental technology and travel concepts giving developers a dedicated platform to test new travel ideas and technology.


Based on Skyscanner’s founders and engineering talent, they’ve built their search technology from the ground-up.  Skyscanner technology-related spending is nearly 50%, which drives rapid growth for the platform including new search features using Alexa, Skype and Facebook.


Technology is at the core of Airbnb’s existence and the ecosystem it has built for hosts and travelers. Airbnb leverages artificial intelligence and machine learning to improve the experience and reduces fraud for all users of its platform.

Without travel technology, consumers would have to visit hundreds of websites and have no ability effectively comparison shop.

Travel Tech’s members give you access to the world in the palm of your hand thanks to the incredible innovation and technology they deploy.