Consumer Choice and Efficiency

Travel Tech’s members have literally created and maintain the travel marketplace.

Consider that there are:
700 Commercial Airlines

Nearly 200,000 Hotels

Hundreds of car rental agencies

Millions of short-term rental listings

Hundreds of cruise lines, thousands of boats

Railways in every part of the world

Countless tours and attractions

Millions of restaurants

Travel Tech’s members help consumers make informed choices. Through unmatched
technology solutions, travelers can see all of their options in one place, in a matter of seconds.

Travel Tech Members

Operate in more than 195 countries

Facilitate over $130B in gross travel bookings

Engage in 2 million hotel partnerships

Publish 4 million short-term rental listings

Partner with 500 airlines, countless car rental companies, tour operators and cruise lines.

Board 1.3+ billion passengers through IT solutions

Draw 515+ million average monthly visitors to their websites

Host 350+ million customer reviews.

Without Travel Tech’s members, consumers would have no way of knowing all of their options and the time it would take to search for and book a trip would be exhausting.

Did you know that there are over a billion ways to fly from New York City to London? 

It’s unlikely, however, that you are going to consider a 9-stop itinerary through 3 continents to get there. It’s travel technology that understands where you need to go and offers you the best options for you to get there.