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Statement from Travel Technology Association President Steve Shur on The American Hotel & Lodging Association’s Attack on State and Local Leaders

Steve Shur on June 21, 2019

WASHINGTON – Following the release of a report by the American Hotel & Lodging Association (AH&LA) on voluntary collection agreements, Travel Technology Association’s President Steve Shur issued the following statement:

“The Travel Technology Association condemns the recent attack by AH&LA on state and local leaders through the release of yet another biased report. The report misappropriates the facts about voluntary collection agreements (VCAs) and purposely misrepresents the tax status of homes throughout the country to make a false claim about uncollected tax revenue.  

“To urge state and local tax authorities to nullify voluntary collection agreements suggests that state leaders didn’t do their jobs or that state and local leaders incompetently entered into VCAs with short term rental platforms.

“States, localities and homeowners have reaped immense benefits by allowing platforms to collect and remit taxes on short-term rental activity. VCAs afford everyone involved a tremendous service by taking care of the tax collection and remittance for all parties.   

“Further, the AH&LA has released a biased and inaccurate picture of VCAs for obvious competitive reasons despite the fact that Marriott, Hyatt, Wyndham, Choice, Accor and other AH&LA members are in the short-term rental business. This is just another example of the duplicity of the hotel industry and their continued attempt to use biased reports and unsubstantiated claims to inhibit competition from the ever growing short-term rental landscape.”



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