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Travel Tech Statement: MA Short-term Rental Bill Riddled with Problems, Doesn't Serve People of the Commonwealth

Travel Tech on December 26, 2018

MA Short-term Rental Bill Riddled with Problems, Doesn't Serve People of the Commonwealth

Arlington, VA – The Travel Technology Association (Travel Tech), the trade association for the online travel industry, including short-term rental innovators Airbnb, HomeAway and VRBO, released the following statement after the Massachusetts legislature's passage of a short-term bill late last week. 

"Time and time again Travel Tech and our members have urged the legislature to pass a viable short-term rental bill, as the Commonwealth has much to gain from setting a fair and reasonable regulatory framework for those looking to share their homes. Instead, House and Senate leadership undermined changes to the bill by Governor Baker that would have protected the privacy of Massachusetts residents, fast-tracking an 11th hour negotiation just ahead of the holidays in order to ensure it encountered as little resistance as possible," said Matt Kiessling, Travel Tech's Vice President for Short-term Rental Policy.

"This bill delivers a piece of legislation that is not only riddled with problematic tenants, but does little to serve the interests of the people of Massachusetts. The state's residents deserve better, and at the very least deserve to see the lawmaking process play out with a public deliberation of the issues that have kept this bill tabled for the last five months. We strongly urge Governor Baker to veto this legislation so that the incoming legislature can take up this issue and achieve common sense regulation that is in the best interest of the state."


The Travel Technology Association (Travel Tech) is the voice of the travel technology industry, advocating for public policy that promotes transparency and competition in the marketplace to encourage innovation and preserve consumer choice. We represent the leading innovators in travel technology, including global distribution systems, online travel agencies and metasearch companies, and short-term rental platforms.