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Personalization Is Key to #FutureofTravel for Expedia

Travel Tech on November 27, 2018

Matching travelers to the things they want and need is going to be key in maintaining customer service at Expedia. With more traveler information, recommendations will be relevant like never before. With more choices and options than ever before, technology can help meet the high expectations travelers have while bringing the most valued options to them. Traveler data will make this easier.

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The #TechPowersTravel series showcases how Travel Tech members have revolutionized the travel marketplace over time through innovating their technology tools to better serve customer needs. This series looks back at game-changing technologies of the past and ahead at emerging technologies, such as AR/VR and the trend towards personalization, that will further change the landscape. With these technological advancements, experiencing travel has become more enjoyable, convenient, personalized and accessible.