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Priceline Deploys Machine Learning Algorithms to Serve Up Traveler Recs

Travel Tech on November 26, 2018

The rise of machine learning, deep learning and artificial intelligence (“AI”) are having an outsized impact within the online travel space. Priceline deploys machine learning algorithms to sort through millions of data points to serve up recommendations to travelers that best match their needs. The time of day, the day of week, the destination, whether you’re booking via mobile or via desktop, changes to inventory, demand, pricing – these are real-time factors that impact the recommendations that Priceline makes.

Every traveler is different and every travel scenario is different. Machine learning and AI give Priceline the ability to personalize recommendations for that specific traveler, in that specific scenario. And personalization is critical. Online travel agencies like Priceline can appear impersonal, but the algorithms that power Priceline allow the company to tailor recommendations to each user with a level of specificity that was previously impossible. Personalization is the future of online travel and AI is making that future a reality.

The #TechPowersTravel series showcases how Travel Tech members have revolutionized the travel marketplace over time through innovating their technology tools to better serve customer needs. This series looks back at game-changing technologies of the past and ahead at emerging technologies, such as AR/VR and the trend towards personalization, that will further change the landscape. With these technological advancements, experiencing travel has become more enjoyable, convenient, personalized and accessible.