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NEO Provides Robust Solutions for Business Travelers

Travel Tech on November 16, 2018

In 2016, American Express Global Business Travel (“GBT”) acquired KDS as part of their broader investment strategy to develop an end-to-end suite of traveler-centric online and digital services—and this sits on top of their core technology platform. This acquisition brought the talent and technology that GBT needed to build a true end-to-end proprietary offering in the business travel space. That offering is NEO, GBT’s online booking tool (OBT) that combines the approach of the traditional OBT, with the more modern approach of searching logically and within one site. Because of NEO, GBT is now the only travel management company that owns an OBT while still working with others.

NEO integrates software and seamless service, that provides a unified and fully integrated solution while offering business benefits such as built-in policy compliance, pre-trip approval and visibility into total cost of trip. Available across all channels (online, mobile and offline), NEO provides various and flexible ways of booking, to suit different booker audiences and ultimately help control spend within the customers managed program, covering air, ground and hotel.

With the behaviors of today’s business travelers, who are demanding a new approach to business travel, NEO helps provide a different solution.  

The #TechPowersTravel series showcases how Travel Tech members have revolutionized the travel marketplace over time through innovating their technology tools to better serve customer needs. This series looks back at game-changing technologies of the past and ahead at emerging technologies, such as AR/VR and the trend towards personalization, that will further change the landscape. With these technological advancements, experiencing travel has become more enjoyable, convenient, personalized and accessible.