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#TechPowersTravel: Sabre’s Integration in Workspace Tools Lends a Hand to Travel Agents Worldwide

Travel Tech on October 30, 2018

Sabre Red Workspace (“Red Workspace") is a flexible, robust, modular platform through which travel agents can access the Sabre reservations system, including access to third party apps written by Sabre authorized developers.

Red Workspace is designed to enable continuous stability, speed and performance with decision support tools and an intuitive user interface. Long recognized as one of the industry-leading platform for travel agents, the new Red Workspace introduces a Decision Support Bar with integrated widgets that provide deeper insight into travel options such as fare trends, alternate airports, alternate travel dates, and travel seasonality.

Explore the possibilities here.

Travel Tech Stock Language: The #TechPowersTravel series showcases how Travel Tech members have revolutionized the travel marketplace over time through innovating their technology tools to better serve customer needs. This series looks back at game-changing technologies of the past and ahead at emerging technologies, such as AR/VR and the trend towards personalization, that will further change the landscape. With these technological advancements, experiencing travel has become more enjoyable, convenient, personalized and accessible.