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Travel Tech statement on Nashville short-term rental proposal, Bill 608

Travel Tech on May 01, 2017

The Travel Technology Association sent a letter to the Nashville Metro Council urging rejection of Bill 608 and released the following statement from Matt Kiessling, VP of short-term rental policy, in advance of the Metro Council meeting on 5/2:

“Short-term rentals play a critical role in Nashville’s tourism economy and are the source of valuable added income for residents.  By banning non-owner occupied short-term rentals, Bill 608 will strip expected income from hardworking locals who currently have permits to operate and made investments accordingly. Further, as we’ve seen in other cities, selectively restrictive ordinances are nearly impossible to enforce. 

“Everyone stands to gain from a fair and reasonable framework for short-term rentals in Nashville – travelers in need of more affordable accommodations, locals who depend on the income they generate by offering their home to visitors, businesses who benefit from added foot traffic, government in search of effective oversight, and all property owners who deserve a city council that respects their personal property rights.  As constituted, Bill 608 fails to meet the needs of any of those stakeholders.  We urge the Metro Council to go back to the drawing board.”