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Indiana HB 1284 Passes Out Of Committee

TravelTech on February 06, 2017

Travel Tech released the following statement from TTA president Steve Shur on Indiana’s HB 1284 passing out of committee today:

“We commend the Indiana House Ways and Means Committee today for passing HB 1284 with bi-partisan support. The bill repeals an onerous and unnecessary provision enacted last year that requires online travel agents to expose to the public, the details of their proprietary pricing agreements with all Indiana hotels.

“The measure that will be repealed by HB1284 has ‘no significant impact on revenue’ according to the Fiscal Impact Statement from the legislature, and only seeks to undo a provision that would force the OTAs and their hotel partners to violate their non-disclosure agreements. Despite the best efforts of the INRLA to misrepresent HB1284 as a bill that would generate ‘hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue for the state’, the Committee recognized the need to repeal a provision that represents a government overreach into business arrangements and provides no benefit to the state, to consumers or to the marketplace.”