Global Distribution Systems

Global distribution systems (GDSs) are the travel industry data networks that connect service providers (airlines, hotels, cruises, car rental companies, tour companies) with travel agents.  Through real-time, automated transactions, these companies help us book more than 60 million hotel rooms, 50% of all flights worldwide, and countless cruises, car rentals, and tours. They make it possible for Americans to spend more than 10 billion dollars a year on business travel and family vacations. In fact, more than 85% of travel agents state they’ll be relying the same or even more on a GDS in the future.

More than ever, American travelers are navigating a multifaceted and ever-expanding travel marketplace. Travel Tech’s GDS members are making it possible for consumers of travel, from business trips to personal vacations, to have access to a transparent and growing catalogue of travel options. Amenities, prices, ratings, reviews, package deals, and other information is at the consumer’s fingertips with just a few mouse clicks, all thanks to the heavy lifting done by these companies.

“GDSs process on average 50,000-75,000 travel search queries per second.”

IT Solutions

Using their unmatched insight into the travel industry, GDSs also provide IT solutions that power the entire backend technology components of major airlines, travel agencies, and hotels, helping grow their businesses, create jobs, and transform the travel experience for millions. These companies build technology solutions to optimize airlines sales processes, engage consumers and travel service providers through mobile platforms, create state-of-the art reservation, scheduling, inventory and distribution systems, and create cutting edge flight management and codeshare solutions.  They also provide IT solutions for the hospitality industry, providing all-encompassing desk management systems and IT infrastructure and security systems, along with many others.

Meet Our Members

Why GDSs?

GDSs provide the technological infrastructure for nearly all phases of travel.  The travel landscape operates as it does in large part through their investment in R&D and commitment to providing cutting edge solutions for suppliers.