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Industry Standards

Travel Tech is the global leader in representing independent travel distributors on the development of standards related to the distribution and settlement of travel. 

With that in mind, the European Technology and Travel Services Association (ETTSA) and the Travel Technology Association (Travel Tech) have established a Distribution Industry Standards Working Group (DISWG), comprised of both Associations and key member company representatives, to serve as the central point of contact for the International Air Transport Association (IATA) in matters of airline distribution and financial services standard setting.

Significant changes to the airline distribution and financial services ecosystem are being proposed by IATA through its formal industry standard-setting procedures, and the industry can expect more such proposed changes going forward. For these changes in standards to be effective, efficient and workable for all stakeholders in the airline distribution value chain, and to facilitate the optimal implementation of industry standards, the communication between IATA and ETTSA/Travel Tech should be regularized, where timely input is provided by independent distribution stakeholders.

As the actual operators of much of the industry infrastructure, ETTSA/Travel Tech members bring a wealth of technical knowledge to the discussion.  Importantly, given the significant role they play in airline distribution, both direct and indirect, our members are often well placed to assess whether proposed changes to existing standards, or some alternative approach, would be the optimal and most cost-effective solutions for IATA members, independent distributors, travel agencies, and ultimately, consumers.

DISWG is not a standard-setting entity. It is not designed to operate in parallel with IATA’s standard setting structure. It is a communications channel through which IATA and the independent distribution community can maintain, streamline, and strengthen the meaningful and productive dialogue that has already been established on industry standard setting. DISWG enhances that dialogue by serving as the central point of contact for more frequent and more centralized interactions on technical standards between IATA and the distribution community.

Through this improved formal communications mechanism, both IATA and the distribution community can be assured of greater clarity in the communications, more timely responses and the possibility of engaging in a two-way dialogue whereby all interested stakeholders can contribute to the development of new standards for the greater good of the industry and consumers.

DISWG consists of a combination of subject matter and industry relations experts so as to provide the right input on every topic and ensure a comprehensive industry level response from the distribution community.  While initially focused on air travel, DISWG’s intention is to serve a similar role in the development of technical standards in other areas of travel distribution including hotel, car rental, rail, tours and others.