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The Washington Post: The hotel industry needs to be a little bit more hospitable

Steve Shur on October 21, 2019

Source: Washington Post

The Oct. 16 PowerPost article “Airbnb enters the fray in congressional debate over Silicon Valley’s legal shield” included accusations from hotel groups against vacation rental sites but left out facts about short-term rentals, short-term rental platforms and Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act. Short-term rentals have changed tourism, providing more choices for travelers and supplemental income for homeowners while pumping millions into local economies.

The hotel lobby wants to limit competition from vacation rentals and is trying to dismantle the law that has enabled the Internet as we know it. A bill sponsored by former hotel executive and lobbyist Rep. Ed Case (D-Hawaii) would remove Section 230 protections for short-term rental platforms. The hotel lobby wants to lump vacation rentals into the same Section 230 conversation with the opioid crisis, extremism and illegal gun sales. The act is unnecessary, a shortsighted and blatant attempt to do the hotel industry’s bidding by stifling competition, limiting choice and increasing prices for consumers.

Congress shouldn’t take the bait. Chipping away at the legal foundation of the Internet one special interest at a time is in no one’s best interest except the big hotel chains’.