Travel Tech


Did you know, there are over a billion flight options/possibilities to get from New York to London? 

Fortunately, and thanks to the GDSs, TMCs, OTAs, and metasearch platforms, you don't have to scroll through a billion search results to find the best flight option for you. This is just one example of how Travel Tech's members benefit consumers. With the rapid trend toward shopping for travel on mobile devices, Travel Tech's members are developing the next generation marketplace allowing you to search, compare and book your entire travel itinerary from the palm of your hand while sitting on your couch.

Travel Tech's members know that efficiency is paramount to the consumer shopping experience. Travel Tech's members spend millions of dollars on research to better know what consumers want and how they prefer to search for and book travel. Travel Tech's members have developed some of the most popular mobile apps across all industries, which is testament to the efficient and convenient shopping and booking experience that our members deploy.

The trend toward mobile technology is also readily apparent in the traditional travel agent and managed travel communities as the GDSs have developed and deployed convenient mobile apps for agents and their clients to better interact in a more efficient manner. Travel Tech's members have led the entire travel industry in making this happen.