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Travel Tech Statement on Harmful Regulations Included in Wisconsin Budget

Travel Tech on September 20, 2017

The Travel Technology Association (Travel Tech) today voiced its opposition to the inclusion of the harmful short-term rental provisions in the Wisconsin budget, as well as the failure of Gov. Scott Walker to veto that language which clearly hurts Wisconsin’s standing as a pro-tourism and pro-private property rights state.


“Sneaking legislative language into a budget bill without a full and transparent debate does not make for good public policy, and violates previous promises by the legislature to pass a “clean” budget,” said Matt Kiessling, Vice President of Short-term Rental Policy for the Association.


“The people of Wisconsin deserve better from their elected officials. This language is clearly a case of policymakers doing the bidding of the hospitality industry, who fears the growth in popularity of short-term rentals and was unwilling to let the free market and consumers have their say,” he continued.


Unlike the strong peer-to-peer economy stance taken by other Republican governors, such as Doug Ducey in Arizona, who has embraced public policies that support and protect private property rights while also embracing the sharing economy and entrepreneurship. Governor Walker’s willingness to let the language be shoehorned into the state budget jeopardizes both travelers’ and residents’ ability to benefit from the options, income, and flexibility that short-term rentals provide.


Travel Tech will continue to advocate for sensible short-term rental policies that protect the rights of property owners and promote the positive economic benefits of short-term rentals to the travel and tourism industry.