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Travel Tech Statement on Importance of Section 230 to Online Economy

Travel Tech on August 14, 2017

The following statement is attributed to Steve Shur, President of The Travel Technology Association (Travel Tech) in response to the Senate’s Stop Enabling Sex Traffickers Act (S.1693).


“Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act has been enormously important to the growth of the Internet by providing legal certainty to an ever-expanding world of Internet services, including but not limited to social media, blogs, consumer review sites, search engines, and in the case of our members, travel and accommodations intermediaries and platforms. This legal standing has provided an environment that promotes innovation and has allowed the Internet to grow and thrive over the past two decades. Absent the protections of Section 230, Internet platforms would be obligated to police and censor content under the threat of massive legal liability, destabilizing the Internet as we know it, and opening companies up to a litany of frivolous lawsuits.


“While we recognize this legislation is aimed at efforts to pursue and apprehend sex traffickers, it goes far beyond that scope. In addition to liability concerns, this bill raises broader questions about free speech and threatens the very existence of the online economy.


“Travel Tech stands in support of Congress in its effort to end sex trafficking and take actions to stop those engaged in this despicable activity. In doing so we urge policymakers to take a direct approach and avoid the pursuit of broad policy directives that will only serve to undermine the fundamental protections and core principles upon which the Internet has been built.”