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  • Florida needs commonsense short-term rental policies

    Whether the hotel lobby likes it or not, the sharing economy is here to stay. For everyone’s benefit, it is critical for local municipalities in Florida to develop reasonable, efficient policy frameworks that ensure short-term rentals continue to thrive, protect property rights, and promotes economic growth throughout the state. » Read news

  • Shocker: The key to low airfares is competition

    Airfares are lower than ever in the recent past. Right?

    It’s a mantra that’s repeated constantly by airline executives, analysts and even journalists. But it’s based on data that — like all data — can reflect lies, damn lies and statistics. Actually, fares are far from low for many Americans, thanks to numerous factors, including rampant industry consolidation, a lack of competition and the endless introduction of new and higher “optional” fees.

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  • L.A. should make it easier to enjoy home-sharing opportunities

    The Los Angeles technology industry has become an integral part of the engine that drives the economy of our city. The tech sector employs an estimated 368,000 people in Greater Los Angeles and generates $108.3 billion in economic activity. As our regional economy continues to evolve, innovation will continue to play an important role in L.A.’s ability to attract top employers and grow. » Read news

  • Hotel fees rise to record high, again

    U.S. hotels and resorts will once again charge a record-high amount of fees that aren't included in the room rate, as hotel operators take advantage of high occupancy rates and charge for services that had previously been complimentary. » Read news

  • Travel Tech Statement on Harmful Regulations Included in Wisconsin Budget

    Travel Tech today voiced its opposition to the inclusion of the harmful short-term rental provisions in the Wisconsin budget, as well as the failure of Gov. Scott Walker to veto that language which clearly hurts Wisconsin’s standing as a pro-tourism and pro-private property rights state. » Read news

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